Based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal, Sarah Wendt and Pascal Dufaux have been collaborating since  2015. They have been developing a methodology of collaboration between their practices of object-based work and installation and body-oriented ephemeral work such as performance and dance. Pascal’s sculptural practice evolves around notions of perception and space. It involves abstract organic forms that encase cameras. These cameras document various sites; including populated beaches, material traces of celebrations and rituals, landscapes and architecture empty of human activity. He attempts to elaborate strategies that give the viewer access to a representation of reality that goes beyond perceptual limitations. Sarah’s work is a kinaesthetic response to the contingencies of collaboration. In some works she uses musical and visual composition to make choreographic scores that respond to objects, space and architecture. She is interested in issues of labour and authorship of the dancer within visual art contexts and the relationship between sculpture and movement.

Together, through diverse methods of production, including sculpture, live performance, video and installation, they create visual art experiences that display the process of image-making and the presence of the body.


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