Pascal Dufaux born in Marseille, France, lives and work inTiohtiá:ke/Montreal, Canada. His work is a hybrid of sculpture, photography and media immersive environments. As part of his solo practice he make abstract organic forms that encase cameras, which capture images of their surrounding. Through these sculptures / apparatus,  which he call Vision machine, he attempt to access a representation of reality that goes beyond his own perceptual limitations.

According to the German philosopher Emmanuel Kant, we are incapable of seeing the world itself, since our perception is determined by the limitations of our senses, and, since we are human, we are incapable of seeing the world beyond the bodies in which we are contained.

He had studied set design and visual art at Concordia University in Montreal. He has carried out artistic residencies at the Christoph Merian Foundation in Switzerland and at the Finnish Artists’ Association in Finland. His work has been presented in Canada at venues such as Oboro (Montreal), Fonderie Darling (Montreal), Galerie Joyce Yahouda and Galerie Bellemare-Lambert (Montreal), Sporobole Art Center (Sherbrooke), VU (Quebec city), Truck Gallery (Calgary), Neutral Ground (Regina), Eastern Edge (St.John's), Glass and Clay Museum (Waterloo), Alternator Gallery (Kamloops) and abroad at the Espacios de arte, Guanajuato (Mexico), at the Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen in Innsbruck (Austria), Instants Vidéo festival in Marseille (France), in the Group shown Paranoïa organised by la MAC, Créteil, Maubeuge and Lille (France), Mapping Festival in Geneva (Switzerland), Lab30 in Augsburg (Germany), and Solway Gallery in Cincinnati, USA.

Since 2016 most of his art practice is dedicated to his collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Sarah Wendt.

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