Project created while in a residency at EST-NORD-EST, St. Jean-Port-Jolie, Qc. Canada (2012) Exhibited at Lab 30, Augsburg, Germany (2012)
Les Instants-vidéo, Friche-belle-de-Mai, Marseille, France (2013)
Espace Sagamie, Alma, Qc. (2014) / photographic exhibition + catalog

Summer 2012, in a residency on the shore of the sea it was all about intimacy, fantasy, video capture and the presence of an alien probe in the landscape. With this device I have produced video clips and photographs.
A video kinetic sculptures, 3D printed in chrome platted plastic, machined in stainless steel and aluminium, drives an infrared camera set on a double arm according to an hypocycloidal revolution.

The exhibitions at Augsburg and Marseille were supported by Le Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec.

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