Tactility and encounter with somatic sculpture: workshop

Our Somatic Sculpture workshop was part of [in]operabilities #2:
a multi-sensory creative laboratory where music, visual-arts, performing arts, education and science met for a two-week working process to explore access and tactility in creative practice at Kampnagel in Hamburg, DE, in February 2023.

In this workshop we explored communication modes through touch and working with our weighted, buckwheat-filled objects.

Developed in the context of [in]operabilities at Theater Kampnagel:

By and with Benjamin van Bebber, Pascal Dufaux, Marcus Franze,
Franziska Henschel, Leo Hofmann, Carolin Jüngst, Emil Leske,
Sophia Neises, Caroline-Sophie Pilling, Lynn Pook, Marie Sophie Richter,
Ludmila Rodrigues, Naomi Sanfo, Gunda Schröder, Pernille Sonne,
Alina Spieler, Susanne Tod, Michael Turinsky, Jeanne Charlotte Vogt,
Sarah Wendt, Ladislav Zajac and Thaja the dog.

The project initiators of [in]operabilities #2 are Benjamin van Bebber, Franziska Henschel, Leo Hofmann and Jeanne Charlotte Vogt.

Our participation to [in]operabilities was supported by the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec, Fonds Darstellende Künste, Theater Kampnagel and Kulturbehörde Hamburg.

Theater Kampnagel, Hamburg, DE, 2023

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