Exhibited at: La Villa «Le Lac» Le Corbusier, Vevey, Switzerland / Festival Images (2016) / Curator: Patrick Moser.

My sculptural practice evolve around the notion of camera and space. It involves abstract organic forms that encase cameras. I have installed a series of sculpture-cameras in this villa built by Le Corbusier in 1923, as an attempt to reveal an other way to experience this modernist architectural icon. Originally, Le Corbusier built La Villa «Le Lac» as a “machine for living” looking at the grandiose landscape of Lac Léman.

Each sculptural shape contains multiple small cameras and electronic device that treats the video signal in real time. Those shape are made in plaster, resin and fiberglass. The video outcome is displayed on mini monitors beside the sculptures.

Electronics: Pierre Gaudet
Photo: Christophe Racat (Villa Le-Lac) + Pascal Dufaux (in studio)

Project produced with the support of Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec.

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